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FYI - please distribute widely  - a message from Professor Greg Myers, Lancaster University

I have just joined Simeon Yates (who is at Sheffield Hallam) as co-editor of the new journal Discourse, Context & Media, published by Elsevier.  If you haven't heard about it already, you can see more at
Simeon and I both think there is a need for a new journal.  There has been a lot of exciting work in this area in the last twenty years, as evidenced by seminars, workshops, conference panels, and special issues of journals.  But studies of media discourse often have to be shoehorned into linguistics journals, where they may not be seen as foregrounding linguistic issues, or cut back for communication journals, where editors and referees may have little patience with the detailed analysis that discourse analysts, conversation analysts, corpus researchers, and sociolinguists bring to media texts.   The new journal is planned around the kind of interdisciplinary discourse analysis now emerging on such topics as new media, mobile media, social networks, viral advertising, changes in journalistic practice, changes in political communication, and new kinds of audiences.
There are three ways you may be able to help us:  contributing, suggesting topics, and/or reviewing.
Contributing:  Simeon and I would particularly like to see a broad range of articles in the first issues, in terms of the kinds of media analysed, the languages studied, the academic approaches, and the disciplines of authors, so that potential contributors to later volumes can see the breadth of the field and the kind of scholarly rigour that it demands.  Please pass this message on to anyone you know who is working on a paper on media discourse that they might want to submit.
Topics: If you are aware of emerging areas or cross-disciplinary intersections that you think have not been sufficiently covered by existing outlets, maybe something you would like to read about, rather than something you are writing about yourself, please suggest it to Simeon or me and we can follow it up as a possible special issue, review article, or comment and response forum.
Referees:  As a new journal, we are still building up our list of referees.  We have an excellent Editorial Board, including such CDA luminaries as Lilie Chouliaraki, Theo van Leeuwen, and Ruth Wodak  (see, but please suggest other scholars (or yourselves) as referees so that we can cover the full range of the field, and draw on the broadest geographical and interdisciplinary range.
I don't want to contribute to the volume of e-mail by doing another big mailing, but please do forward this to anyone you think might be interested.  Thanks.
Greg Myers
Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University
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