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Dear colleagues,

those of you in the field of Ukrainian studies have probably followed the scandal surrounding our colleague Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe of the University of Hamburg. (For those who have not followed the story, there are a couple of links with background.) My colleague Professor Delphine Bechtel at Paris IV Sorbonne is currently collecting signatures for an open letter in support of academic freedom in Ukraine.

I have myself just signed the letter of protest, and would like to invite you to do the same, if you agree. Please respond directly to delphine.bechtel at wanadoo.fr<mailto:delphine.bechtel at wanadoo.fr>, with your name, title, and academic affiliation.

Thank you for your attention,


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Subject: tr: a Hamburg student threatened by Ukrainian nationalists in Kyiv - petition project
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Dear friends and colleagues,

I am forwarding to you a message with photos I received last week from Grzegorz Rossolinski, who is a Polish doctoral student working under the direction of Prof.
Golczewski at the University of Hamburg, in Germany, on the myth of Stepan Bandera. He was scheduled to give a series of lectures in Ukraine, upon invitation by the
DAAD, the Germany Embassy and the Boell Foundation, on the life and memory of Bandera.

The right wing nationalist party Svoboda organized a huge demonstration in front of the Embassy, with banners calling him a "fascist", "nazi", "provocteur" and "grand
son of Goebbels" (see pictures below). Various forms of pressure were exerted on institutions so as to have his other talks cancelled, he had to hide in an anonymous
appartement under the protection of the Embassy and police, and left the country under threats to his person.

The "affair" has since then launched a real "Historikerstreit" on the internet, but in Ukraine, nobody dares defending what is actually under attack here: the freedom of
opinion and expresson, the freedom of research, the independance of academic institutions and ultimately, of the researchers themselves. Grzegorz Rossolinski is
attacked because he calls Bandera a "fascist", which is unconceivable to the large public especially in Western Ukraine and central ukraine, who considers him a
national hero.

More information on the situation can be found here :

the SVOBODA demonstration
commentary on the events by Per A. Rudling
same in Polish:
the reaction of the Böll Stiftung:
Here some reactions of the Ukrainian nationalist circles
(A. Lozinski is well known for his anti-Semitic diatribes, he and the co-signer Borys Potapenko both deny participation of Ukrainians in pogroms)

I am writing to you now because in the face of this, a number of us are thinking of publishing an open letter or petition about the terrible situation.
The petition will make a claim about the freedom of speech only, so one doesnt even need to consider Bandera a fascist to sign.
Please forward this project to your colleagues who would be interested in joining.

Back in 2010, a number of Ukrainian intellectuals appealed for signatures to protest the interrogation of Ruslan Zabilyi (who is a nationalist who doesnt even recognize
Ukrainian collaboration during WW2 in his Tiurma museum in Lviv), on the basis of the freedom of opinion and research.

Shouldn't we react all the more as here, it is a graduate student who hasnt even yet defended, who hasnt got a position, who is subjected to a horrendous treatment,
out under extreme pressure both physically and emotionally ? The claims by Ukrainian historians that he is not a researcher, or "out for scandal", or responsible for this,
that he is either a "provocateur" or a puppet manipulated by the German Embassy, are not sustainable.

More, several students and colleagues have attested privately that they have been intimidated and received threats so as not to voice any support on his behalf, less
they lose stipends, invitations to Ukrainian institutions and the like. There is a huge lobby at work behind the demonstration and the intimidation of Grzegorz.

Please tell me what you think about this proposal of a petition,which has been written collectively by several colleagues from different countries,

With best wishes from Paris,


Delphine Bechtel

Université Paris IV Sorbonne
UFR d'Etudes germaniques
et CIRCE - Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherches Centre-Européennes

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Objet : parade kiev: liberalnyi fashyst

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I send you some material depicting the demonstration yesterday in Kiev. It took place in front of the German embassy on account of my lecture in this building. My
other lectures in universities and institutes in Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk were canceled.





Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe

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