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"Did anyone say Power?": Rethinking Domination and Hegemony in Translation
Bangor University, Wales, UK

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
* Professor Christina Schäffner (Aston University, Birmingham, UK)
* Dr Karen Bennett (University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies
(ULICES), Portugal)
* Professor Luc van Doorslaer (University of Leuven, Centre for
Translation Studies (CETRA), Belgium)
* Professor José Lambert (University of Leuven, Centre for Translation
Studies (CETRA), Belgium)

Translation Studies has come of age, evidenced by proclamations of a
series of intellectual -turns', most prominently a -cultural turn' in
the 1990s followed by a -sociological turn' in the last decade. Whilst
also a -power turn' and an -ideological' turn have been suggested,
there is a lack of self-awareness and self-reflection on our own
entanglement within contemporary power structures, which are largely
driven by financial, economic and technological globalisation. This
interdisciplinary conference aims to critically interrogate central
concepts such as -ideology' and -power' from self-reflexive,
theoretical and practical perspectives. In view of Jean Baudrillard's
suggestion that any theory of power, in order to be ethically
credible, must distinguish between relations of dominance and
hegemony, we hope to bring together researchers, PhD-students,
translators, writers and activists from varying backgrounds to engage
in a discussion about the impact of power on the theory and practice
of translation as well as on our own critical reflections.

Potential Topics for Abstract Proposals:
Apart from paper proposals, we are open to suggestions for a range of
discussion formats such as poster presentations or audio-recorded
roundtables. We are particularly interested in reflections on the
ideological effects of technological change on translation theory and
practice, whether in the present or future. Paper proposals focusing
on any topic within the following two broad theoretical and practical
themes will be welcome:

Theories of Power and Ideology:
* Ideology, Power and the different -Turns' in Translation Studies
* Power and Ideology from different disciplinary Perspectives
* Ideology and Power in relation to History, Theory, Practice and Technology

Discourse in Translation
* Critical Theory and Philosophy
* Capitalist Hegemony
* Political Ideologies
* Subversive and Underground Ideologies

Following the conference, we will embark on a two-stage publication
project. The first publication constitutes an edited book volume on
the theme of Translation, Power and Globalization. The second
publication constitutes a special issue on the theme of Translation,
Domination and Hegemony and will be published with Target -
International Journal of Translation Studies.

Please send a 250-word abstract and a mini-biography (50-100 words) by
Tuesday 30 April 2013 to Dr Stefan Baumgarten
(s.baumgarten at bangor.ac.uk). Notification of acceptance of proposals
will be communicated by Monday 20 May 2013. For general enquiries
about the conference and potential discussion formats please contact
Dr Yan Ying (y.ying at bangor.ac.uk) or Dr Jordi Cornellà-Detrell
(j.cornella at bangor.ac.uk). The conference website can be found here.
There might be opportunities for some fee waivers for postgraduate
presenters. We will not be able however to cover any accommodation or
travel costs. You can find our conference website under the following
link:  http://power.bangor.ac.uk/.

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