CFP: Media and Governance in Latin America

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Media & Governance in Latin America
Exploring the role of communication for development

The University of Sheffield, 13–14 May 2014

Call for papers

Deadline 3 February 2014

In 21st-century Latin America, information and participation
asymmetries are being challenged by new technologies, the
reinvigoration of civil society and changing media policies. Questions
are arising about the relationships between media and communication
and the region's democratic governance.

This conference aims to explore the connections between communication,
citizenship, governance and development in Latin America in an
interdisciplinary effort. The event brings together academics,
practitioners and researchers from social sciences and humanities, to
consider the following work streams:

* Media, politics and citizenship in Latin America: media policies,
media ownership, public interest, political communication practices,
mediatization of politics
* Communication for social change: community participation, civic
empowerment, investigative journalism, social media platforms, social
movements as new media
* Media discourse in Latin America: media populism, minorities’
representations, collaborative media, and freedom of speech


Please email an abstract of 250 to 300 words, in Microsoft Word
format, to Sara García, sgarciasantamaria1 at, before 3
February 2014, with the subject "Conference Media and Governance".
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