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Dear all,

The newly created Asociación de Estudios sobre Discurso y Sociedad, EDiSo, has a website where we inform about conferences, employment, grants, publications, etc. on discourse and society in a broad sense. This is information we gather from lists (such as this one) and other sources. Even though not fully comprehensive (impossible!), the (probably) useful aspect of our web is that all the information remains there, it is searchable, and we also try to maintain a Calendar of upcoming events and deadlines. The EDiSo address is . Apart from news, there are sections with texts for debate (A Debate, in various languages), audiovisual and written resources (Recursos) and links (Recursos => Enlaces), still incomplete, of course. We would appreciate suggestions for links to journals, associations, academic programs on discourse, etc.

For those of you who are less prone to navigate the Internet in front of a computer screen than to carry the whole world with yourselves ;-) in a tablet or smartphone, there is a Flipboard version of the main contents in our portal, called EDiSoPortal . I'll explain it. Flipboard, ,  is a sort of news aggregator which displays contents (internet articles of all sorts) or RSS links in a magazine-style format, easy to browse, read, share (tweet, mail, Facebook, etc.), or store for later reading off-line (in Pocket format, for example). Flipboard has free apps for iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android. One doesn't need to register in order to browse and read Flipboard-style "magazines", but, upon opening a user's account in Flipboard, one can create one's own personalized magazines with selected contents from the Internet or other Flipboard magazines.

EDiSoPortal for Flipboard is here: . In that link, one can subscribe (freely, of course) to receive the new contents from the EDiSo website automatically in the Flipboard app in one's tablet or smartphone. If anyone has or knows of other Flipboard magazines on discourse and society, please let me know.

So, give EDiSoPortal a try if you may. Thank you for your attention.

Best wishes,


Celso Alvarez Cáccamo
lxalvarz at
Coordinator of the EDiSo Communication Committee
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