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The discourse of austerity: Critical analyses of business and economics across disciplines
3rd - 4th September 2013, Newcastle University

Please submit abstracts by June 21st to: Darren.kelsey at ncl.ac.uk<mailto:Darren.kelsey at ncl.ac.uk>

Conference convenors:
Dr Darren Kelsey, Lecturer in Journalism, Newcastle University
Professor Andrea Whittle, Professor of Management and Organization Studies, Newcastle University
Professor Frank Mueller, Professor of Strategy & International Business, Newcastle University
Dr Majid KhosraviNik, Lecturer in Mass Communication and Critical Discourse Analysis, Northumbria University

Associated research networks:
Newcastle-Northumbria Critical Discourse Group (NNCDG):
Strategy, Organizations and Society (SOS) Forum: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/nubs/staff/research/sos_forum.htm

This conference brings together scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds across the social sciences interested in the role of discourse in shaping business, management and economic issues, agendas and practices. Across a range of scholarly social scientific fields - from business management, organization studies, linguistics, communications, politics, media studies, journalism, history and sociology - lies significant common ground in the methodological and theoretical interests of critical approaches to discourse and other analyses of issues concerning business and economics. More specifically, contributions in this conference will explore research findings and/or theoretical contributions to current debates on discourse, business and economics - issues that are particularly important in the recent era of 'austerity' following the global financial crisis.
The critical nature of these contributions will hold shared concerns with ideology; in the textual representations, discursive practices and social impact of business and economics in local, national and global contexts. Our key concern is how power, inequality and interests are brought into play through institutionalised language-practices and representations. This conference is, therefore, concerned with: the unquestioned, accepted and inevitable (naturalised) role of ideology; how ideology impacts upon the political and economic environment of society; and the significant role ideology plays within the context of austerity.
Organisers and participants of this conference will come from areas including, but not limited to, journalism, business, strategy, management, media and cultural studies, and linguistics. The shared interests of this conference will open the opportunity for inter-disciplinary thinking amongst economic and political contexts of austerity and subsequent developments within this field of research. Papers will be considered, but not limited to, research and discursive analysis in the following areas:
-              Media coverage of the credit crunch, financial crisis and recession
-              Government policy and economic strategy
-              Corporate discourse in economic and social contexts
-              Discourses of the City and banking sector
-              Journalism, political economy  and media ownership
-              Common crises, shared ethics: The future of business and/or journalism education
-              Language, discourse, and business/economics
-              Power and ideology during austerity
-              Public discourse and/or public opinion on economic policy
-              Discourses of the European Union, the Euro, and austerity
-              Business and taxation
-              Legal issues in global economics
-              Discourses of the free market, growth, globalisation and neo-liberalism
-              Counter-discourses of protest groups and social movements
-              International perspectives on austerity
Due to the academic diversity of this conference, we feel that social, economic and political research will benefit from our efforts to bridge the current distance between academic backgrounds that hold shared interests in critical discourse studies. The synergy encouraged through this conference demonstrates the importance and value of cross-disciplinary research. We expect this project to encourage and mobilise interdisciplinary research activity within and beyond Newcastle University in the future. The conference will also enable wider networks to be established through the Newcastle & Northumbria Critical Discourse Group (NNCDG), the research group co-convened by Newcastle University and Northumbria University. We intend to select the strongest contributions from this conference for publication.
Dr. Majid KhosraviNik
Lecturer in Critical Discourse Analysis / Mass Communication
School of Arts & Social Sciences
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne

Office: 306g Squires Building
Phone: +44 (0) 191 227 3417
Fax: +44 (0) 191 227 3696
Email: majid.khosravinik at northumbria.ac.uk<mailto:majid.khosravinik at northumbria.ac.uk>

CDS review Editor

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