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2nd CFP: Traveling Whiteness: Interchanges in the Study of Whiteness

October 18-19, 2013
University of Turku, Finland

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Mike Hill (University at Albany-SUNY)
Dr. Philomena Essed (Antioch University)

The study of Whiteness emerged in the United States as a field of
inquiry into the historical, social, and cultural aspects of Whiteness
as a source of identity formation and socio-historical power
relations. During the past three decades, the notion of Whiteness has
been studied from a number of inter/disciplinary, theoretical, and
geographic perspectives. As the study of Whiteness has traveled across
geographic locations and scholarly contexts, it has become a subject
of heated debates regarding its epistemological conceptualization,
theoretical delineation, and methodological applicability.

“Traveling Whiteness” calls attention to the various geographic,
socio-historical, and cultural contexts within which the study of
Whiteness emerges. In particular, we are seeking to explore the
following questions: Where does the study of Whiteness appear? How
does the notion of Whiteness transform in its multiple locations? How
does it shape our understanding of race/racism? What epistemological,
theoretical, and methodological challenges does traveling bring with
it? How does Whiteness transform within specific inter/national,
socio-historical, and political contexts? What possibilities and
prospects does traveling entail?

Possible topics for paper presentations, complete panels, and thematic
workshops may include:

•       Social Constructions of Whiteness
•       Identity Formation and Whiteness
•       Race, (Anti-)Racism, and Whiteness
•       Ideologies and Discourses of Whiteness
•       Class, Social Inequalities and Whiteness
•       Gender, Sexuality, and Whiteness
•       Spaces/Places of Whiteness
•       Representational Whiteness
•       Legislation and Whiteness
•       Sporting Whiteness

Please email abstracts of 250 words for either 20-minute paper
presentations or complete panels or thematic workshops, together with
a max. 150-word bio, including name, institutional affiliation and
position, phone number and postal and email addresses, to
travelingwhiteness at gmail.com.

Abstract Deadline: June 15, 2013. Participants will receive
notifications of acceptance by July 15, 2013.

For further information, please visit the conference website at:

For general inquiries, please contact the Conference Coordinator
Aleksi Huhta, email: aleksi.huhta at utu.fi.

The Organizing Committee at the University of Turku:

Dr. Benita Heiskanen (Turku Institute for Advanced Studies and Cultural History)
Ph.D. Candidate Aleksi Huhta (General History)
Dr. Suvi Keskinen (Sociology)
Dr. Lotta Kähkönen (Gender Studies)
Dr. Johanna Leinonen (Turku Institute for Advanced Studies and General History).
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