Welcome to EDiSo - Association for Studies on Discourse and Society. Membership Now Open. Please Join Us!

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 *Welcome to EDiSo - Association for Studies on Discourse and Society.
Membership Now Open. Please Join Us!

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Dear Colleagues,

          I am writing on behalf of *EDiSo* (*Estudios sobre Discurso y
Sociedad*, Studies on Discourse and Society), a newly established
association founded on the initiative of Professor Teun A. van Dijk, who
assembled a group of researchers to work towards the creation of the now
registered association: Gloria Álvarez Benito, Celso Álvarez Cáccamo,
Antonio M. Bañón Hernández, Olga Cruz Moya, Mohamed El-Madkouri Maataoui,
Carmen Gregori Signes, Clara Keating, Luisa Martín Rojo, Esperanza Morales
López, Luci Nussbaum Capdevilla, Montserrat Ribas Bisbal, Marta Tordesillas
Colado, Teun A. van Dijk, and Julia Williams Camus. On the *EDiSo* website,
http://www.edisoportal.org, you will find all the necessary information on
how to become a member.

          The aim of the Association is to promote scientific exchange and
interdisciplinary collaboration among individual researchers and national
and international research groups studying discourse from different
perspectives and with different methodologies and goals. The Association
provides a forum for the circulation of information and the diffusion of
our work, for moving beyond isolation, and for the promotion of training,
collaboration and professional practice in discourse studies, with special
focus on the younger members. As to the Association's role in society, we
aim to contribute to the generation of discourse and public debate in order
to raise awareness concerning the relationship between discourse, language
and society.

          The geographical scope of the Association is the Iberian
Peninsula. Internal communication is based on the principle of mutual
understanding, that is, members may express themselves in the language of
their choice at any given time.

          The Association has been designed with a dynamic and
participative structure, allowing everyone to find their place according to
their availability and to their own initiative. Currently, several working
committees are being set up and members will be able to join them shortly.
The committees that are now being started include: the Internal
Organisation Committee, the Election Committee, the Committee for
Territorial and Linguistic Cohesion, Discourse and Social Justice, the
Communication Committee, the Funding Committee, and the Committee for
Conferences, Cultural Activities and Publishing. We hope new members become
involved in any of these committees and make contributions to creating new

          Although it is still early days, you can see that we have already
started to work with enthusiasm. We would like to take this opportunity to
encourage all to become members of *EDiSo*. The association's annual
registration fees are 30, 20, or 10 Euros. Any of these fees guarantees
that a member will participate on equal terms in the association and will
have the same rights and responsibilities. Please select the fee which best
suits your capabilities and your situation. At the annual renewal period,
you may change to any of the other then-current fees.

          At its second foundational meeting, the promoting group decided
to name Teun A. van Dijk as the Association's first Member of Honour, a
recognition which is contemplated in our Statutes.

          Until elections are held at an extraordinary general meeting, the
composition of the Association's Directive Board is as follows:

   - Luisa Martín Rojo, President
   - Carmen Gregori Signes, Vice President
   - Marta Tordesillas Colado, Secretary
   - Gloria Álvarez Benito, Vice Secretary
   - Olga Cruz Moya, Treasurer
   - Celso Álvarez Cáccamo
   - Antonio M. Bañón Hernández
   - Clara Keating
   - Luci Nussbaum Capdevila
   - Montserrat Ribas Bisbal
   - Mohamed El-Madkouri Maataoui

Luisa Martín Rojo, on behalf of the promoting group
May 14, 2013

*Download in PDF*<http://www.edisoportal.org/recursos/documentos/file/36-ediso-welcome-2013-05-14>


Luisa Martin Rojo
Depto. de Lingüística General, Lenguas Modernas, Lógica y Filosofía de
la Ciencia, Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid
tel. +34 91 497 66 94
fax.: +34 91 497 44 98
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