'Reclaiming Impact' Conference. 18th September 2013. Durham University Business School

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Tue May 21 11:00:37 UTC 2013

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Durham University Business School's Critical Studies group is hosting
a major conference at Durham University on 18 September 2013 entitled
“Reclaiming Impact”. This conference is dedicated to exploring and
critically interrogating the nature of the relationship between
business, management and organisation studies and the wider social
community. We do so because all too often scholarly “impact” is
understood narrowly in terms of increasing the efficiency of business
enterprise, improving the profits that are generated for a small
sub-section of society. As part of a business school which aims to
take the interests of a wide range of stakeholders affected by our
activities seriously, this event will bring people from academia,
trade union representatives, non-governmental organisations and those
involved with “alternative” groups such as cooperative and communal
organisations, together to reflect on the issue of “impact”.

Confirmed speakers include: Professor Mats Alvesson, Professor Gibson
Burrell, Professor Julie Ozanne, John Edmonds (GMB Union General
Secretary, 1986-2003).    Further details to follow.

The event is free to participants, is sponsored by Durham University
Business School and  supported by ABIS (Academy of Business in

If you would like to attend the conference, please contact Warda Jamal
(w.n.jamal at durham.ac.uk<mailto:w.n.jamal at durham.ac.uk>) or Dr Carole
Elliott (c.j.elliott at durham.ac.uk<mailto:c.j.elliott at durham.ac.uk>)
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