PhD studentships available: Understanding Conflict: Forms and Legacies of Violence

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Applications are invited for three doctoral studentships situated
within the University of Brighton’s newly established
interdisciplinary research cluster, “Understanding Conflict: Forms and
Legacies of Violence.”

1. Justice, Memory and Experience in Reconciliation after Conflict

2. What Constitutes Violence? Victims, Survivors and Trauma

3. Memorial Landscapes: Negotiating Post-conflict Spaces

The cluster is based jointly in the Centre for Applied Philosophy,
Politics and Ethics and the Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative
and Histories. It builds a usable understanding of violent conflict
and its human legacies by developing areas of interdisciplinary
investigation rooted in the recent work of the two centres, promoting
dialogue between them, and engaging in collaboration with external
partners from outside the academy with lived experience and/or
practical knowledge of conflict and its transformation. Led by
Professor Bob Brecher (applied philosophy) and Professor Graham Dawson
(historical cultural studies), it brings together established
expertise in humanities and social sciences from across the
University. Contributing disciplines and areas include: applied
philosophy, critical theory, cultural geography, cultural and social
history, literature, material culture, politics, psycho-social studies
and social anthropology.

With a commitment to developing interdisciplinary understandings, you
will be part of a wider group (currently nine) of PhD students working
on related topics and helping to further both the cluster's scholarly
reputation and its public impact. This will include contributing to
our wider activities, including conferences, workshops, public
participation and dissemination.

Closing date for applications: 4pm, 27 June 2013.

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