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Special Edition of Porn Studies: Gay Male Porn Now! Call for Papers

It is now approaching 30 years since Jump Cut published the essay
Men’s Pornography Gay vs Straight in which Tom Waugh was to attempt
(perhaps for the first time) a systematic analysis and comparison of
the representations and conditions of production, exhibition and
consumption of straight and gay male pornography. In the wake of (and
in the spirit of) Waugh’s intervention, a generation of scholars
across Film, Media and Cultural Studies have been inspired to conduct
their own studies of gay male pornography, its textual contours and
its significances.

In the intervening years a great deal has changed in the media
landscape and as a consequence the porn industry, gay and straight has
a visibility that was inconceivable when Waugh wrote his essay in the
middle of the 1980s. It’s in this radically changed context that this
special edition of Porn Studies aims to take stock of the current
state of scholarship that takes gay male pornography as its object of

>From new formats and new modes of access, to new research avenues and
new ways to make sense of what gay male porn means for its audience,
the special edition will map the current terrain and indicate the
direction for future research.

Submissions of particular interest are not limited to but may address:
•       New formats/new platforms
•       Amateur gay porn/User generated content
•       Bareback porn
•       Niche and fetish gay porn
•       The gay porn industry
•       Gay porn stars
•       Gay porn audiences and porn fandom
•       Discussion forums and gay porn blogs

This special edition of Porn Studies will be edited by Dr John Mercer

Please send abstracts of 300 words and a short biographical note to
john.mercer at and specialeditionpstudies at

The deadline for proposals is 3rd February 2014
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