CfP: In the Frame? Public and Political Discourses of Migration.

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In the Frame? Public and Political Discourses of Migration.
April 24th – 25th 2014,
University of Limerick, Ireland

Call for papers

Public and political discourses on the matter of inward and outward
migration are of crucial importance, as they are responsible for
framing the issue, and for how, when, and where these issues arrive on
the public / political spectrum (Schain 2008, p.465). As a result such
discourses have substantial influence over the general public’s
attitudes towards migration (McLaren, 2001) and for migrant’s

In this interdisciplinary conference, we particularly welcome papers
that address the following:

·         Analyses of public discourses regarding transnational migrants
·         Populist discourses of migration in print, broadcast and new
media settings
·         Migrant engagement with public discourse – including
diasporic media settings
·         Political discourses on emigration
·         Discourses of ‘welfare tourism’
·         Analysis of political statements / electoral ephemera
directly dealing with migration
·         Media constructions of migrant bodies
·         Counter-hegemonic discourses of migration
·         Politicised music / visual culture and emotive discourses
around migration

Keynote speakers will include:

·         Prof. Brian Fanning, University College Dublin,
·         Professor Nicholas de Genova, Kings College, London,
·         Dr Gavan Titley, NUI Maynooth,
·         Dr Leah Bassel, University of Leicester.

A maximum of 30 minutes will be allocated to each conference paper (20
minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions).

Please send your individual abstract of no more than 250 words to
powerdiscourseandsociety at

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is Nov 22nd.  Notifications will
be sent by Dec 19th.

Power, Discourse and Society is an interdisciplinary research cluster
based at the University of Limerick, Ireland, which provides a
platform for researchers working within sociology, sociolinguistics,
political science, education, ethnomusicology and social geography to
come together to advance their shared interest in the critical
analysis of public discourses and the elucidation of their social
meaning, significance and material impacts. This conference is kindly
supported by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at
the University of Limerick.
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