CFP: Feats of Clay: Disability and Graphic Narrative (edited collection)

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We invite proposals for chapters in a volume on disability and graphic
literature for the new Literary Disability series from Palgrave
Macmillan edited by David Bolt, Elizabeth Donaldson, and Julia Miele
Rodas. *Feats of Clay: Disability and Graphic Narrative* will
scrutinize the ways that disability has been employed in comic books,
graphic nonfiction, graphic novels, underground comix, and/or
webcomics.  Our aim is to interrogate standard assumptions about
disability and sequential art in order to open up new approaches and
potential collaborations between both of these vital areas of study.

Some possible but not exclusive topics include

* analyses of the range of representations of disabled figures in both
superhero comics and graphic narratives;
* considerations of the role of the visual in offering multimodal
engagement with the textual experience of disability (beyond
character, plot, and theme);
* critical investigations of how the systems of meaning associated
with disability studies (see Donna Haraway, Tobin Siebers, and others)
overlap with or challenge the language of sequential art (as theorized
by Thierry Groensteen, Scott McCloud, and others);
* extended examinations of specific comic book characters (such as
Batgirl/Oracle, Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Professor Xavier, or
Cyborg/Victor Stone);
* delineations of disability as an organizing logic in ongoing graphic
series (like Fantastic Four and Doom Patrol);
* theorizations of the role of disability in the texts of individual
graphic narrative writers (such as David B., Alison Bechdel,    Marisa
Acocella Marchetto, Harvey Pekar, and Chris Ware).

Send 500-word abstracts to Chris Foss (cfoss at, Jonathan Gray
(jgray at, and Zach Whalen (zwhalen at by Dec 15th
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