Lavender Languages and Linguistics 21: 14-16 Feb 2014

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The 21st Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference will take place
at American University, Washington DC from February 14-16, 2014. This
annual conference series is dedicated to research in the broad area of
language and sexuality. Sessions currently under development include:

* (Anti)Homophobic Discourse Analysis
* Erotic/Porn Socialities
* Language, Sexuality & Hip Hop Culture
* Intersexions: Language & Identity Nexuses
* Language as a Means of Control: Monitoring Salvadoran LGBT Immigrants
* Queering Heterosexuality and Challenging Normativities

Presentations in one of these sessions, or on any topic related to
LGBTQ linguistics, are welcome. Please submit abstracts to the program
committee c/o provench at before November 11, 2014. See
submission details on the conference website:
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