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Dear colleagues (apologies for cross-posting),

The Journal of Language and Politics ( has the following titles available for review.  Reviews are normally 1500-2000 words in length.  We ask that reviews be submitted within six months of receiving the book.  Please email me direct at c.hart at<mailto:c.hart at> if you are interested in reviewing one of these  titles or any other title relevant to the readership of JLP.

Austermuhl, F.  2014       The Great American Scaffold: Intertextuality and Identity in American Presidential Discourse.  John Benjamins.
Baker, P., C. Gabrielatos and T. McEnery               2013       Discourse Analysis and Media Attitudes: The Representation of Islam in the British Press.  Cambridge University Press.
Cap, P. and U. Okulska (eds.)      2013       Analysing Genres in Political Communication.  John Benjamins.
Chiluwa, I.           2012       Language in the News: Mediating Sociopolitical Crises in Nigeria.  Peter Lang.
De Rycker, A. and Z. M. Don (eds.)           2013       Discourse and Crisis: Critical Perspectives.
Duchene, A., M. Moyer and C. Roberts (eds.)     2013       Language, Migration and Social Inequalities: A Critical Sociolinguistic Perspective on Institutions and Work.  Multilingual Matters.
Dupret, B.           2011       Practices of Truth: An Ethnomethodological inquiry into Arab Contexts.  John Benjamins.
Eckert, P. and S. McConnell-Ginet            2013       Language and Gender (2nd edn).  Cambridge University Press.
Ekstrom, M. and A. Tolson (eds.)              2013       Media Talk and Political Elections in Europe and America.  Palgrave.
Flottum, K. (ed.)               2013       Speaking of Europe: Approaches to Complexity in European Political Discourse.  John Benjamins.
Hart, R.P., J.P. Childers and C.J. Lind        2013       Political Tone: How Leaders Talk and Why.  University of Chicago Press.
Hodges, A. (ed.)               2013       Discourses of War and Peace.  Oxford University Press.
Kelly-Holmes, H. and T.M. Milani (eds.) 2013       Thematising Multilingualism in the Media.  John Benjamins.
Majstorovic, D. and I. Lassen (eds.)         2011       Living with Patriarchy.  John Benjamins.
Ramanathan, V. (ed)      2013       Language Policies and (Dis)Citizenship: Rights, Access, Pedagogies.  Multilingual Matters.
Schroter, M.       2013       Silence and Concealment in Political Discourse.  John Benjamins.
Sheyholislami, J.               2011       Kurdish Identity, Discourse, and New Media.  Palgrave.
Tonkin, H. and M.E. Frank (eds.)               2010       The Translator as Mediator of Cultures.  John Benjamins.
Twardzisz, P.      2013       The Language of Interstate Relations: In Search of Personification.  Palgrave.
Unger, J.              2013       The Discursive Construction of the Scots Language.  John Benjamins.
Wieczorek, A.E.                2013       Clusivity: A New Approach to Association and Dissociation in Political Discourse.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Kind regards,
Chris Hart
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