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Sun Feb 8 17:01:56 UTC 2015

Dear colleagues,

After a dynamic reception of proposals for the coordination of panels  
and workshops, the call for participation in all working sessions of  
the 2nd International EDiSo Symposium - Discourses and Societies on  
the Move  (Coimbra, 18-20 June, 2015) is now open until 15 March.

We very much welcome your contribution to any of the 18 Thematic  
Panels, and/or your active participation in any of the 9 Data Analysis  
Workshops, many of them coordinated by EDiSo members, or in  
partnership with social science research centres -- among them, the  
University of Coimbra Centre for Social Studies, CES,  
http://www.ces.uc.pt .  If you feel your contribution does not match  
any of the proposed lines of debate, you may consider presenting your  
proposal for an open-theme session, or as a poster. Also, if you  
belong to a research group, you might want to participate in one or  
more of the three planned Research Group Roundtables.

All relevant information is available at the EDiSo website,  
http://www.edisoportal.org, under the Simposium 2015 menu, but here  
are some specific links:

- CFP:  http://www.edisoportal.org/simposium2015/2cfp/convocatoria
- Instructions for participation and submission of proposals:  
- Thematic Panels: http://www.edisoportal.org/simposium2015/2cfp/paineis
- Data Analysis Workshops:  
- Posters: http://edisoportal.org/simposium2015/2cfp/posters
- Roundtables: http://www.edisoportal.org/simposium2015/2cfp/mesas
- Symposium registration: http://www.edisoportal.org/simposium2015/inscricao

All proposals, except participation in the Research Groups  
Roundtables, must use the .doc submission form provided at the EDiSo  

A limited fund is available in the form of small grants to help with  
travel and accommodations for postgraduate students who may have  
difficulties covering all expenditures. If that is your situation,  
please mark the corresponding box on the proposal submission form, and  
also please state in your email message that you are applying for  
funding support. This information will not affect proposal evaluation.  
If our funds cannot cover all requests for support, grants will be  
distributed randomly.

IMPORTANT: The language used in any given Panel or Workshop  
description does not condition the language(s) used for contributions.  
  Proposals may be accepted in any of the working languages within  

Again, the deadline for submissions is 15 March, 2015.  We are  
counting on you in Coimbra!

Até lá!  ¡Hasta pronto!

Clara Keating
Coordenadora de Organização do II Simpósio EDiSo

Luisa Martín Rojo
Presidencia de EDiSo

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