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> Some of the List members are familiar with me.  I'm Jim Fitzgerald, an FBI
> Agent presently assigned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), a component
> of the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC), located at
> the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA, USA.  Most of my caseload is presently in the
> field of threat assessment and/or forensic linguistics, to include providing
> linguistic profiles of anonymous communications, and authorial attribution
> matters.  In another year, I hope to be finished my MS in Sociolinguistics
> at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
>  The reason for this email is that I want to notify the List members that
> the FBI internship program has recently been expanded to include graduate
> linguistic students as applicants.  While the FBI, and specifically, the
> NCAVC/BAU, has had an intern program for years, the applicants were mostly
> from fields related to law and psychology.  For the first time, those in
> graduate linguistic programs are actively being sought to spend upwards of 4
> months here in Quantico as an intern.
>  There are actually 2 kinds of internships within the FBI.  One is the
> Honors Intern Program.  This internship is for 8 weeks in the Summer, and
> the interns are paid an hourly wage.  The other program is the NCAVC
> internship.  These are usually 3-4 months and, unfortunately, the interns
> are not paid.
>  While I can answer some general questions re. this matter, it is best for
> anyone interested to check the FBI website at "FBI.gov," then go to
> "Employment," then to "Internships."  Both programs are explained in detail
> at that site.
>  I have some interesting research initiatives in the field of threat
> assessment/forensic linguistics that I'm hoping to undertake soon at the
> NCAVC/BAU.  The Communicated Threat Assessment Database (CTAD), with a
> corpus of almost 1,000 (and growing) threatening and/or criminally oriented
> communications, is up and running and ready to be mined for FBI research
> purposes.
>  If you, as a graduate student in linguistics, are interested, or you know
> of a qualified graduate student who might be interested, please check out
> the website and consider applying.
>  James R. Fitzgerald
> Supervisory Special Agent
> Federal Bureau of Investigation

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