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Subject: Respect?

Dear colleagues,

I am beginning to think about issues of respect in classroom settings,
and I am looking for other researchers who are interested in similar
issues. My dissertation research was an ethnographic study of Northern
Thai bilingual/bidialectal children at home and school. I examined how
cultural ideologies and practices of respect and accommodation organized

socialization practices at home and school that, in turn, socialized
children into linguistic practices of code-mixing and code-switching.
Through this process of socialization, children's use of the local
vernacular is changing across settings, while at the same time the local

vernacular is converging with the national standard language in this

I would like to get in touch with other scholars who are interested in
respect. Can anyone recommend scholars (at any level-- students
included) who are interested in issues related to respect, particularly
in educational settings?

Kathy Howard

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