CFP: Making Multilingual Education a Reality for All (Malawi)

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Fri Mar 19 17:21:04 UTC 2004

The Association for the Development of African Languages in Education, Science
and Technology (ADALEST):


Joint 3rd International ADALEST Conference and 5th Malawian National Language
30 August - 04 September 2004, Mangochi, MALAWI

"Making Multilingual Education a Reality for All - Operationalizing Good

Hosted by the University of Malawi, Center for Language Studies

The 3rd international ADALEST conference is a direct outcome of two
international conferences held in Kisumu, Kenya (2000) and Pretoria, South
Africa (2002). Malawi was strongly represented at both conferences, and has
also been instrumental in supporting the drive for this new association which
will now officially be founded as a new association.

Building upon the resolutions and proceedings of the preceding conferences, and
linking in with the themes of the forthcoming 5th National Language Symposium,
the conference runs for a total of 5 days, thus addressing issues related to
multilingual education with both (i) a national Malawian and (ii) a wider
international perspective, embedded into a mutual thematic framework. The
conference theme encompasses all previous deliberations of the ADALEST
conferences, and focuses the thematic framework constructively upon the way
ahead. Four sub-themes have been formulated as follows:

(1) Preparing the ground: Policy making and policy implementation
(2) Convincing the (yet) unconvinced: Collecting and presenting facts and
(3) Getting support: Partners in multilingual education
(4) Putting planning into practice: Multilingual education in action

Within the framework of this theme, the 5th National Language Symposium focuses
on specific Malawian issues, taking into account that considerable progress has
already been made in Malawi regarding the operationalization of plans for

Abstracts (not more than 150 words) to be received by Friday, 28 May 2004 the

After submission and review of abstracts (notifications of acceptance to be
sent out by 05 July), contributors will be asked to complete and submit their
final version of papers by Friday, 06 August 2004.

Please refer to the attached documents for further information and a
registration form.
Please also visit for an ongoing update on the

For further enquiries, please contact the conference convener, Dr Joachim
Friedrich Pfaffe, at registration at .

Looking forward to meeting you in Malawi!

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