[EDLING:174] CFP: Task-based Language Teaching

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Sat May 8 05:18:34 UTC 2004

>>From Theory to Practice
International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching
September 21-23, 2005 - Leuven (Belgium)

This conference will bring together applied linguists and educational
linguists to reflect on the potential of task-based language teaching
(TBLT) for promoting first, second, and foreign language acquisition.

Special attention will be paid to the implementation of TBLT into the
classroom. Besides exploring the theoretical rationale behind task-based
language teaching, this conference will focus on what needs to be done
(in terms of teacher training, syllabus and curriculum development,
development of assessment tools, etc.) to make TBLT work in the real

The programme includes poster presentations, paper presentations,
workshops, symposia, and plenary speakers. The conference aims to bring
about lively discussions and vivid exchange between linguists from all
over the world on current research and hands-on experience with regard to
the theory and practice of task-based language teaching.

Details about the call can be found here:


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