[EDLING:353] CFP: The Journal of Language and Literacy Education

Francis M. Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Sat Oct 23 13:08:40 UTC 2004

The Journal of Language and Literacy Education (JoLLE) is a
student-produced journal promoting an interchange of ideas in the
language and literacy education community. This biannual journal
will publish manuscripts that are selected, edited, and published by
graduate students in the Language and Literacy Education Department
at the University of Georgia. JoLLE will present a variety of
viewpoints on a broad spectrum of issues related to language and
literacy education.

Call for Manuscripts
JoLLE solicits articles that will be of interest to our readers, and
publishes the work of researchers, professors, classroom teachers,
and graduate students in language and literacy studies. If you know
of papers or projects that you feel may be of interest to readers of
JoLLE, or if you have students who are interested in creating work
that fulfills the goals of the journal, please encourage them to
submit their manuscripts for review. To be considered for JoLLE’s
inaugural issue, manuscripts should be emailed to JoLLE at coe.uga.edu
by January 10, 2005.

Specifications for Submission:
The journal publishes the following traditional formats for
reporting scholarly work but also welcomes nontraditional

• reports of research (including experiments, qualitative studies,
    philosophical studies, and historical studies), curriculum projects, or
    classroom experiences;
• commentaries on issues pertaining to research, classroom
    experiences, or public policies in language and literacy education;
• literature reviews;
• theoretical analyses;
• critiques of articles, research reports, books, or software;
• translations of articles previously published in other languages.

How to Submit an Article
Submit an electronic copy of your manuscript to the Journal of
Language and Literacy Education’s email address, JoLLE at coe.uga.edu.
Manuscripts should not be submitted simultaneously to JoLLE and to
other journals. Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, using
12 point Times New Roman font. Pages should be numbered consecutively, with
the title page as page 1 and an abstract of no more than 200 words as page 2.

Manuscripts should conform to the style specified in the Publication
Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th Edition and
should not exceed 25 pages, including references and footnotes. The
author’s name and affiliation should appear only on a separate title
page to ensure anonymity during the reviewing process; this page
should also include the contact author's name, the institution with
which the author is associated, home and work telephone numbers, and
email addresses. To facilitate masked review, the author's name
should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript. If the manuscript is
based on dissertation research, a funded project, or a paper
presented at a professional meeting, a note on the title page should
provide the relevant facts. A shortened version of the title suitable for a
Running Head should be typed flush left at the top of the title page and
should appear on all pages of the manuscript. The author is responsible for
removing identifying information from the body of the manuscript as well. Each
manuscript will receive a masked review by 3 reviewers selected for their
expertise on specific topics and methodology dealt with in the
manuscript. Authors can usually expect a decision within three
months. Manuscripts may be returned to their authors for at least
one round of revision before final acceptance.

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