[EDLING:1095] CFP: Power of Language: Theory, Practice, and Performance

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Thu Dec 1 15:56:07 UTC 2005


1st World Congress on the Power of Language: 
Theory, Practice and Performance
Date: 23-25 May 2006
Bangkok, Thailand

Deadline for Submission of Abstract: 31 January 2006
Notification of Acceptance: 28 February 2006


To call for the world’s awareness and concrete action plans from national and 
international bodies to jointly address how an impact language could bring to the world, 
especially to promote understanding through languages, and their translation and 
interpretation across borders; 
To bridge the gaps among linguists and scholars, and among multidisciplinary professionals 
as well as to smooth articulation between both groups; 
To promote world intellectual gatherings where experts, professionals, novices exchange 
knowledge, expertise, and experiences on the power of language, and how language could be 
used to improve quality of life and societal development; 
To encourage more advanced research, grants and scholarships on the power of language, and 
how it can enhance world peace and sustainable development. 

Papers are invited in the following tracks:

Language and Linguistics, Pure and Applied Linguistics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, 
Semantics, Discourse, Cognitive Science, Neurology and Artificial Intelligence. 

Language and Education, Teaching, Learning, Testing, and Training of Language and their 
Interdisciplinary Applications, etc. 

Language and Communication, Media Discourse, Professional Discourse, Computer Language, 
Power of Public Discourse, Language and Style/Sign, Discourse of Jokes. 

Language and Culture, Literature, and Esthetics, Language and Emotions, Language and Self 
Representations, Language and Gender and Race Discrimination, Language and Register and 
Genre, Language and Arts and Pleasure and Music, Effective Use of the Power of Language. 

Language and Socio-economic Development and Globalization, Language and Social Change, 
Language and Quality of Life, Language and Professions, Language for International Trades 
and Global Economy, Language and Environment and Health Policy, Language and Community and 
Capacity Building, Language and Self and the Country Development, Language and Deaf. 

Language and Ethnic Minority and Gender, Racial/Ethnic Bias in Language, Ethnic Minority 
Language Surviving in Globalization, Ethnic Minority Language and Culture, Discrimination 
and Bias in Ethnic Minority Language, Ethnic Minority Language and Multilingualism. 

Language and Politics, and International Relations, Role of the Power of Language on World 
Peace, Conflicts, Violence, Safety and Security, Language and Inequality, Language and 

Language and Law and Ethics, Language and Legal Interpretation, Ethical Language and 
Culture, Bias in Legal language. 

Language and Translation and Interpretation, Translation and Interpretation in 
International Relations, Trades, World Tourism, and World Peace, Translation and 
Interpretation in the third Millenium/Globalization, Translation and Interpretation for 
Socio-economic Development, Translation and Interpretation in Multilingualism, 
Multiculturalism, Multiliteracy, and Communication. Translation and Interpretation in 
Academia and Careers, Translation and Interpretation as a Discipline, Teaching, Learning, 
Training and Testing of Translation and Interpretation, Best-Seller Translation, Cultural 
Conflicts and Discrepancy in Translation and Interpretation, Translation and 
Interpretation in Professions and Interdisciplinary, Successful Translators and 

Language and Computer, Machine Translation, Localization and Internationalization, 
Computer-aided Translation, Translation and Documentation, Corpus, Corpora, Localization 
and Internationalization and Culture, Role of Localization and Internationalization in 
Globalization, Communication, and Information Technology, Computer Language and System 
Operation, Software, and Application, Language and Internet and Information Technology, 
Language and Technology Transfer. 

Language and Innovative Issues. 

Language : English 

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