[EDLING:1120] [Fwd: Reminder: UNESCO Register of Good Practices in Language Preservation - Call for Submissions]

Tamara Warhol warholt at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Wed Dec 14 17:14:07 UTC 2005

 From UNESCO . . .

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,


Please allow me to bring to your attention once more the ongoing Call 
for Submissions to the 'Register of Good Practices in Language 
Preservation,' a database project that was launched by UNESCO's 
Endangered Languages Programme in the summer of 2005 

The purpose of this Register is to collect and make accessible 
experience reports concerning any kind of language preservation effort, 
from speaker communities, governmental and non-governmental 
organizations, academic experts, etc. Our goal is to provide a free 
online practice-based source of information as an aid and encouragement 
for future language preservation projects.


To this end, I would like to invite you to submit any language 
preservation-related projects that you or your organization are / have 
been involved in to our Register, in order to share the knowledge and 
experience gained with other current and future project agents.


Please consult our website 
<http://www.unesco.org/culture/endangeredlanguages/goodpractices>) for 
further information about the Register, as well as to download the 
Register submission form for entries; or contact me at the E mail 
address given below for any questions.


Thank you, and best regards,

Barbara Soukup

UNESCO Endangered Languages Programme

ling.diversity at unesco.org <mailto:ling.diversity at unesco.org>

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