[EDLING:1125] CFP: Rhetoric in Society 2006 International Conference

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Sun Dec 18 15:49:25 UTC 2005

> First call for papers
> "Rhetoric in Society" international conference
> Date: Tuesday 21st - Friday 24th November 2006
> Location: Centre for Discourse Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark
> Plenary Speakers:
> * Paul Chilton
> * Max Atkinson
> * Catherine Kerbrat-Orecchioni
> With communication and mediation playing an increasingly important role in
> post modern society, rhetoric has gained in influence and importance.
> Historically, the role of rhetoric was to enable the speaker to convince
> (and persuade) the listener. Nowadays, in a society of ever increasing
> amounts of information, the significance of rhetoric as a tool for helping
> communicators appeal to listeners or readers in a credible, understandable
> and convincing way is being acknowledged.
> This recognition has resulted in a vast body of theoretical discussions on
> the relation between rhetoric, argumentation and discourse as well as in
> the emergence of several approaches to the three disciplines for the
> analysis of different kinds of empirical material, from public relations
> texts and advertisements to political discourse, mediated discourse and
> scientific texts.
> Regarded as a discipline as well as a tool for analysis, rhetoric is often
> associated with related disciplines such as discourse analysis, text
> linguistics, cognition as well as communication and information theory. In
> other words, rhetoric is engaged in building up communication, its
> constituent parts and genres while at the same time playing an important
> role for the ways in which we perceive contextual aspects, including
> culture and the relations between interactants.
> The conference Rhetoric in Society aims at presenting and discussing
> different approaches to rhetoric and the applications of rhetoric. The
> conference welcomes contributions within a wide range of approaches to
> rhetoric, from the historical, traditional approach to new rhetoric and
> rhetorical criticism.
>  The conference is arranged within the areas of: 
>     * Rhetoric in Political Discourse
>     * Rhetoric in Organisational Discourse
>     * Rhetoric in Journalistic Discourse
> Full details here: http://diskurs.hum.aau.dk/rhetorics2006/

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