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Message 2: Research on Second and Foreign Language Acquisition and Teaching
Date: 15-Dec-2005
From: Klingler Dominique <Dominique.Klingleruniv-paris3.fr>
Subject: Research on Second and Foreign Language Acquisition and Teaching

Full Title: Research on Second and Foreign Language Acquisition and 
Short Title: DILTEC

Date: 06-Sep-2006 - 08-Sep-2006
Location: Paris, France
Contact Person: VERONIQUE Georges Daniel
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >
Web Site: http://colloquegroupelca.org

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

Call Deadline: 15-Feb-2006

Meeting Description:

International Conference
Research on second and foreign language acquisition and teaching
Paris, 6-8 September 2006
Organized by Groupe 'Langues en contacts et appropriations', DILTEC, 
Paris III
Call for papers

Research on second and foreign language acquisition has been conducted 
during the past thirty years from various theoretical perspectives, 
focussing on multiple factors, cognitive and social. Lately, several 
attempts have been made to describe developmental routes and stages in 
the L2 acquisition process. They mainly consist of lists of 
morphosyntactic means pertaining to the noun phrase, to the verb phrase, 
and to the clause, that are mustered by learners at given stages for a 
specific L1. SLA research has also been devoted to classroom discourse 
and teaching activities during the past years. Yet, the relevance of SLA 
research for second or foreign language teaching is regularly 
questioned. This conference aims at a dialogue between researchers in 
language acquisition and language pedagogy over grammar, the lexicon, 
pragmatics, and discourse.

This conference invites SLA researchers and those involved in research 
on second language pedagogy to examine their findings in terms of its 
relevance for language teaching.

Proposals that include specific interest for language teaching are 
expected. They will focus on the learning of L2 (or L3, L4 or Lx) 
grammar, lexicon, pragmatics, and discourse in classroom or guided 
settings. The mode of implication of teachers and learners during the 
SLA research process shall also be discussed from the angle of the 
impact of the research design on teaching activity and, conversely, from 
the angle of the intricate relation between teaching and researching.

Proposals are expected to fit in one of the following sections :

A. Discourse practices and grammatical marking: teaching and learning.

In this section , shall be discussed the relations between grammatical 
markers, lexicon and the learners' discourse practices. The learnability 
of discourse, of macrosyntactic patterns and of the grammatical markers 
of the target language shall be examined as well as the order of 
acquisition of different L2 forms and of different functions for a given 
form. The teachability of macrosyntactic structures and of grammatical 
markers in their specific context shall also be discussed.

B. L2 development, curriculum design, pedagogical grammars and testing

Contributions which bear on the use of research findings in SLA to 
design teaching and testing materials will be selected for this section. 
The focus will be on the analysis of curriculum design and of teaching 
activities that are organized to enhance and facilitate the input-intake 
process. Theoretical constructs involved in course and class design 
shall be discussed.

C. Research design and teaching tasks and activities in L2 learning

The design of data collection for SLA research may foster or develop L2 
classroom learning. This workshop is devoted to methodological and 
theoretical issues related to the organization of data gathering and 
other experimental tasks of SLA research in relation to learners and 
teachers, and teaching activities in institutional settings.

Proposals based on empirical data analysis are most welcome.

Contributors are asked to submit two copies of their proposal (about 300 
words long) before the 15th of February 2006 (final deadline) - one the 
copies will have been anonymized - to colloquegroupelca.org

Acceptance or refusal of the submitted proposal shall be notified on the 
31 st of March 2005.

Organizing committee : Catherine Carlo, Cyrille Granget, Dominique 
Klingler, Kim Jin-ok, Mireille Prodeau, Kamila Sefta, Georges Daniel 

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