[EDLING:858] CFP: English Studies and the Computer

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Mon Jun 20 16:18:38 UTC 2005

> The exponential growth of learning technology in English Studies has been one
> of the key topics of pedagogical discussion in the last ten years. Despite
> that, lecturers often say "no one uses my online module." The question is why
> not? What will thoroughly embed technology at the heart of what it means to
> teach English - and should we do this? This two-day conference will debate
> best practice methods for enabling students and lecturers to gain the interest
> and skills in using learning technology in the classroom. The conference is
> intended to offer queries and address problems in relation to learning
> technology whilst providing a snapshot of what is happening in English Studies
> at the moment. What problems have been solved through using technology - and
> what problems have arisen?
> We are looking for short (15-minute maximum) presentations from individuals
> who are willing to share their experiences (good and bad) of using learning
> technology in the classroom. We are also looking for individuals who would be
> willing to lead a short discussion on a specific topic related to using
> technology to teach English Studies. We are not necessarily looking for
> lengthy abstracts at the moment and we wish to avoid the 3 papers per panel
> route. To this end, we are hoping for a range of presentation formats - please
> contact us to discuss your ideas.
> Locale: University of Newcastle, UK
> Date: 3-4 November 2005
> For more information:
> Brett Lucas (brett.lucas at rhul.ac.uk)
> Learning Technology Officer, English Subject Centre
> Stacy Gillis (stacy.gillis at ncl.ac.uk)
> Lecturer, School of English, University of Newcastle
> For more details or to register:
> http://www.english.ltsn.ac.uk/explore/events/future/event_detail.php?eventId=65

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