[EDLING:868] Re: phone call data collection at Penn LDC

Sean P. McGrew mcgrew at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Thu Jun 23 15:56:36 UTC 2005


you could sign up for this and call Kristen or something, free phone call and
a decent chance to win $500.

Quoting Wei Zeng <weizeng at dolphin.upenn.edu>:

> Dear all,
> The Linguistic Data Consortium of UPenn is looking for native speakers of a
> number of languages, residing in the US and Canada, to collect
> telephone-call
> data. The languages in study includes: American English, British English,
> Indian
> English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Italian,
> etc.
> If you are interested, please click on the URL link below for more
> information
> on the project and participation.
> www.ldc.upenn.edu/CallFriend2
> Thanks,
> Wei
> --
> Wei Zeng
> Ph.D Student in Educational Linguistics
> Graduate School of Education
> University of Pennsylvania
> 3700 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Sean McGrew
4714 Osage Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143

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