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International Journal of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism Vol 8 Nos 1&2

Affiliation, Engagement, Language Use and Vitality: Secondary School Students’
Subjective Orientations to Welsh and Welshness
Nikolas Coupland, Hywel Bishop, Angie Williams, Betsy Evans and Peter Garrett

Bilingual Education Policy in Singapore: An Analysis of its Sociohistorical
Roots and Current Academic Outcomes
L. Quentin Dixon

Raising ‘Bilingual Awareness’ in Greek Primary Schools
Roula Tsokalidou

Patterns of Language Preference Among Bilingual (Filipino_/English) Boys
Heloise Marie L. Ledesma and Robin D. Morris

International Journal of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism Vol 8 Nos 2&3

Heritage Languages and Community Identity Building: The Case of a Language of
Lesser Status
Helen Borland

Maintaining the Community Language in Australia: Challenges and Roles for
Anne Pauwels

Coordinating Government and Community Support for Community Language Teaching
in Australia: Overview with Special Attention to New South Wales
Richard B. Baldauf Jr.

Heritage Languages at Upper Secondary Level in South Australia: A Struggle for
Antonio Mercurio

Death by a Thousand Cuts: Indigenous Language Bilingual Education Programmes
in the Northern Territory of Australia, 1972_1998
Christine Nicholls

Policy Challenges for Bilingual and Immersion Education in Australia: Literacy
and Language Choices for Users of Aboriginal Languages, Auslan and Italian
Michele de Courcy

Innovative Language Education Programmes for Heritage Language Students: The
Special Case of Puerto Ricans?
G. Richard Tucker

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Heritage Language Education: What Role for
Catherine Elder

In Support of a Proficiency-based Definition of Heritage Language Learners:
The Case of Russian
Olga Kagan

Language & Education Vol 19 No 1

Identity Work and Cultural Artefacts in Literacy Learning and Use: A
Sociocultural Analysis
Lesley Bartlett

Lebanese/Arabic and American Children’s Discourse in Group-Solving Situations
Grece Chami-Sather
Richard R. Kretschmer

Engaging Electronically: Using CMC to Develop Students’ Argumentation Skills
in Higher Education
Caroline Coffin and Ann Hewings

Divine Interventions: Needs Analysis for Post-graduate Academic Literacy and
Curriculum Development, in a South African School of Theology
Fiona Jackson

Cultural Conceptualisations in English Words: A Study of Aboriginal Children
in Perth
Farzad Sharifian

Language & Education Vol 19 No 2

Language in the Mathematics Classroom
Richard Barwell, University of Bristol, UK

Word, Definitions and Concepts in Discourses of Mathematics, Teaching and
Candia Morgan

Ambiguity in the Mathematics Classroom
Richard Barwell

Mathematical Vocabulary: Fixers of Knowledge or Points of Exploration?
Constant Leung

The Hidden Dimensions of Mathematical Language and Literacy
Brian Street

Applied Linguistics and Mathematics Education: More than Words and Numbers
Richard Barwell, Constant Leung, Candia Morgan and Brian Street

Thinking and Content Learning of Mathematics and Science as Cognitional
Development in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Teaching
Through a Foreign Language in Finland
Aini-Kristiina Jäppinen

Language & Intercultural Communication Vol 4 Nos 1 & 2

J.G. Herder, the Origin of Language, and the Possibility of Transcultural
David Pan

How Many Identities Make One? The Curious Case of Romain Gary
David Bellos

Intercultural Allusion in Transcultural Identity Narratives
Jonathan P.A. Sell

Writing with an Accent: Components of Style in the Intercultural Narrative
Fiona J. Doloughan

Four Authors and a Traveller: Intercultural Narrative in Balkan Prose of the
Second Half of the 20th and the Beginning of the 21st Centuries
Adelina Angusheva

The Paradox of Cultural Self-representation in Paule Marshall’s Praisesong For
The Widow
Olabode Ibironke

Trouble and Triumph: German Life_/ Turkish Tradition in Renan Demirkan’s
Schwarzer Tee mit drei Stu¨ ck Zucker
Reika Ebert

Mix Up the Indian with all the Patwa: Rajamuffin Sounds in ‘Cool’ Britannia
Carolyn Cooper

Oraliteracy and Textual Opacity: Resisting Metropolitan Consumption of
Caribbean Creole
Mimi Sheller

Under Two Flags: National Conflicts and the Reconstruction of Identity
Zachary Lyons

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