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We are happy to announce that Volume 5, Issue 1 of Teachers
College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL & Applied
Linguistics (TESOL/AL Web Journal) is now available at

The complete Table of Contents for this issue is shown below. Use
the URLs displayed to link directly to each article.


Gating Walls and Bridging Gaps: Validity in Language Teaching,
Learning, and Assessment
Linda C. Badon, Stephen D. Oller, Ruixia Yan, and John W. Oller,Jr.


What Is International English?
Channing Burt


The "Natural Order" of Morpheme Acquisition: A Historical Survey
and Discussion of Three Putative Determinants
Eun-Young Kwon


Book Review

Fossilization in Adult Second Language Acquisition
ZhaoHong Han
Reviewed by Özlem Pazvant



An Interview with Dr. Carol A. Chapelle
Yoko Saito and Monika Ekiert

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Monika Ekiert
Managing Editor

Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL &
Applied Linguistics

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Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL &
Applied Linguistics

Quoting Melisa Cahnmann <cahnmann at uga.edu>:

> Greetings Elves! So good to be back in touch after a long hiatus.
>  Some
> of you I know, most I do not.  But let me invite you to Athens
> for a
> fabulous conference. It's somewhat like the forum but with lots
> of
> Southern hospitality, and that can be good in January! Alas, the
> next
> two years I will not be in town--I'll be at a low-residency MFA
> program
> in poetry in New Hampshire.  But I fell in love with this
> conference
> before I started at UGA and I still love  it 3 years later.  And
> the
> keynotes rock.
> Melisa (Misha) Cahnmann
> 19th Annual QUIG Conference on Interdisciplinary Qualitative
> Studies
> January 6-8 2006
> University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
> Keynote Speakers:
> Norman Denzin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
> Patti Lather, Ohio State University
> Angela Valenzuela, University of Texas at Austin
> Conference theme: Local knowledge, global contexts: Mapping the
> terrain
> of qualitative research in the 21st Century
> Technological innovations, the development of multinational
> corporate
> structures, and growth in transnational population flows have
> resulted
> in globally shifting political, economic, and social landscapes.
> Qualitative researchers have access to new methods of generating,
> analyzing and representing data, along with expanded
> opportunities for
> forming different kinds of research alliances with both other
> researchers and participants in studies. Yet, along with these
> opportunities come challenges. Political agendas impact the ways
> in
> which knowledge is produced, what research is valued, and how and
> what
> research findings are disseminated. With the promise of
> technology, come
> new ethical dilemmas. Transnational population flows allow for
> new
> spaces for understanding of difference, as well as possibilities
> for
> shifting discourses of intolerance.
> Submissions are welcome in the following areas:
> ·        Arts-based research
> ·        Education related research
> ·        Global issues
> ·        Health & human services related studies
> ·        Preparation of researchers
> ·        Production of knowledge & scientific research
> ·        Qualitative methods
> ·        Research ethics
> ·        Social sciences research
> ·        Technologies
> Further information and on-line submissions are available at:
> http://facilitate.coe.uga.edu/QUIG/Quig.html
> Questions: quigconf at uga.edu <mailto:quigconf at uga.edu>

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