[EDLING:828] Using Corpora (in association with ASIALEX 2005)

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Fri May 20 14:51:06 UTC 2005


Using Corpora: A Tutorial

Tuesday, 31st May 2005

In association with ASIALEX 2005

Adam Kilgarriff

Lexicography MasterClass

Since the 1980s, corpora have come to play a central role in linguistics and lexicography
for those languages where they are available, and they are now becoming available for more
and more languages. This tutorial, by an internationally leading expert, will show how to

design and collect a corpus
automatically produce “word sketches”, one-page summaries of a word's grammatical and
collocation behaviour
explore a corpora using a state-of-the-art corpus query tool
use the web as a corpus
There will be a practical session on using the corpus query tool, the Word Sketch Engine,
to write corpus grammars. The 'sample' languages for the tutorial will be Chinese and
English. (Large corpora of both will be available for participants to explore.)

The Tutor

Adam Kilgarriff has published and lectured widely on corpus and computational linguistics.
He is a Board member of the European Association for Lexicography and Past President of
the Association for Computational Linguistics Special Interest Group on the Lexicon. He
has worked with Longman and Macmillan and is currently

advisor on language technology at Oxford University Press
Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Sussex
Director of Lexicography MasterClass Ltd.

Lecture Theatre 12, Block AS2, National University of Singapore, Arts Link, Singapore.


Regular - early (pre 15 May) S$180

 - early ( -ditto- ) S$120

 - late (post 15 May) S$225

 - late ( -ditto- ) S$150

The prices are to include transport to and from Hotel M (the ASIALEX hotel) and course

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