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Colleagues, This is from Signithia Fordham; the conference is free and open
to the public.  Please spread the word.  Best, TMcC

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> 2nd Annual Youth & Race Conference:
> "Acting White," Revisting Ogbu and Fordham's Hypothesis
> October 28-29, 2005
> Locale: UNC Chapel Hill and Duke Campuses (respectively)
> Co-Sponsored by: The Department of African & African American Studies at
> Duke University with additional support from The Robertson Scholars
> Program
> Building on the enormous success of the first Youth & Race conference in
> October 2004, this year's 2-day conference, "Acting White," will direct
> its attention to the acting white stigma, its influence on racial identity
> formation, academic achievement, and policy implications. Dr. Ronald
> Ferguson, Economist and Senior Research Associate at the Wiener Center for
> Social Policy at Harvard University, will keynote.
> The 'acting white' phenomenon*the argument that smart black kids are
> discouraged from working hard and doing well because of the fear that
> their less successful peers will accuse them of "acting white"*is an idea
> popularized in 1984 with the work of Signithia Fordham and John Ogbu in
> Black students' school success: Coping with the burden of 'acting white.'
> Following its publication, Fordham and Ogbu's hypothesis emerged as a
> contentious explanation for the persistence of the educational achievement
> gap in the post-Civil Rights era. Educational researchers continue to be
> divided on the validity of the 'acting white' thesis. The joint IAAR-Duke
> AF & AFAM conference brings together educational researchers, policy
> analysts, and educators to revisit the question of 'acting white' more
> than two decades after the initial publication of Fordham and Ogbu's
> research. Conference presenters will examine what new trends are emerging
> from more recent scholarship on the question. Additionally, the conference
> will take up the two questions that divide educational researchers and
> their perspectives on the 'acting white' hypothesis: Are individual
> attitudes and behaviors the main reason for the persistence of the
> educational achievement gap? Or are structural mechanisms the source of
> educational outcome disparities? What is the formula for effective schools
> and effective students?
> While this event is free and open to the public, pre-registration is
> encouraged. For a conference agenda, parking info, presenter bios, and to
> pre-register please acccess the conference website at:
> http://www.unc.edu/depts/iaar/YR/yr2005.htm
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