[EDLING:980] Job openings

Tamara Warhol warholt at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Wed Sep 14 13:18:48 UTC 2005

Please see attached Word document for the following job openings 
advertised on the Linguist List:

University of South Carolina - Asst. prof. in Second Language Acquisition
University of Northern Texas - Asst. prof. in Linguistics (specialty open)
Georgetown University - Asst. prof. in Sociolinguistics
Western Kentucky University - Asst. prof. in English/TESL

If you are on the job market, the following websites might be helpful:
The Linguist List: www.linguistlist.org
The Chronicle of Higher Education: http://chronicle.com/
The American Association of Applied Linguistics: www.aaal.org
The American Anthropological Association: www.aaanet.org
TESOL: www.tesol.org
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