[EDLING:989] CFP: Muslim Education - Challenges, Opportunities and Beyond

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Thu Sep 15 14:33:44 UTC 2005

March 2007 Special Issue: Muslim Education - Challenges, Opportunities and Beyond
1st Call for Papers
 				This special issue of APJE is concerned
with the life and future of Muslim education, its challenges and
prospects.  In deliberately naming the issue "Muslim" instead of
"Islamic" education, we would like to emphasise the concrete historical
agency of Muslims as they strive towards their ideals and grapple with
the educational issues of their times.  We open this international
platform to give scholars the opportunity to define and engage in
debates on the forms that Muslim education should take and what it may
offer to the world.  Both empirical and theoretical papers are welcomed.
Several strands of interest for this special issue are:
 				-          Islamisation of knowledge
 				-          Equity and Muslim education
 				-          Equity in access to opportunities 
 				-          Integrating Muslim education to/within a 
                                           national system
 				-          Muslim education and gender equity
 				-          Muslim education and social change
 				-          Role of Muslim intellectuals and intelligentsia
 				-          Contributions of Islamic education theories to 
                                           general education
Abstracts and expressions of interest are due by 15 December 2005. Papers for full 
refereeing will be due by 1 May 2006.  APJE is published by Routledge.  

All submissions and queries should be
directed to the Editorial Administrator at apje at nie.edu.sg
<mailto:apje at nie.edu.sg> . Your assistance in forwarding this e-mail to
relevant contacts would be much appreciated   
 				Special Issue Editors: Sa'eda Buang &
                                Masturah Ismail
 				National Institute of Education
 				Nanyang Technological University 

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