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New Research Available on Literacy and Language Diversity
The U.S. population is diverse. With nearly 20% of children and adults
in the United States speaking a native language other than English, the
need for information about language and literacy skills has never been
Literacy and Language Diversity in the United States, 2nd edition, by
Terrence G. Wiley, takes a fresh look at the differences between the
literacy performance and educational achievement of language minorities
and native speakers of English in this country and the social and
educational policy debates that surround literacy in the 21st century.
Based on current national data, the book
*	examines language diversity in the United States;
*	outlines what we know about the development of English literacy,
native language literacy, and literacy in two languages;
*	and explores how to make informed national policy decisions.
Linguists, scholars, policy makers, educators, and students in teacher
preparation programs will find Literacy and Language Diversity in the
United States to be a valuable resource.
Dr. Terrence G. Wiley is a professor at Arizona State University,
College of Education, where he directs the Division of Educational
Leadership and Policy Studies and codirects the Language Policy Research
Unit. He has worked with numerous immigrant, indigenous, and refugee
communities in the United States.
To purchase this book, visit the CALstore online at
http://calstore.cal.org  or call toll-free 800-551-3709.

Title		Literacy and Language Diversity in the United States,
2nd edition 
Author	Terrence G. Wiley
ISBN		1-887744-88-6
Publisher	Center for Applied Linguistics and Delta Systems Co.,
Copyright	2005
Format	Paper, 267 pages
Price		$19.95 + shipping

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