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     You might want to google Zohreh Eslami Rasekh from Texas A & M. She has 
been working on politeness in Persian vs. American English, and if I 
remember correctly, she recently had an article on this topic appear in 
print - I am sorry I cannot remember the journal title but here is her 
e-mail: zrasekh at coe.tamu.edu.  Another source you can check out is S. Gass 
and J. Neu (Eds.) Speech acts across cultures, that has a couple of chapters 
on speech act use in Egyptian Arabic that also touch on politeness. Finally, 
if you consider Turkish an example of Middle Eastern languages, you can look 
at my co-written chapter on "Linguistics of power and politeness in Turkish: 
Revelations from speech acts" in Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries: 
The case of Greek and Turkish, A. Bayraktaroglu & M. Sifianau (Eds.), John 
Benjamins, Amsterdam, 2001, 75-104. I can send you a hardcopy via snail 

Hope these help.

Seran Dogancay-Aktuna
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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>I am trying to find information on the language of  politeness in Arabic. 
>Or specific Arabic-speaking cultures.  Anybody know any sociolinguistic 
>work being done among Middle Easterners? f
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