[EDLING:1227] Advice?

David F. Powell dfpowell at TALK21.COM
Mon Feb 6 09:01:02 UTC 2006

I have a Finnish friend I tutor via e-mail who can't get the quantitative notion (The 4 dog shitted all over the floor). It's a love/hate relay, but at 6'4" blonde/blue/hung, how can you complain? Any help appreciated

You should know, in light of Bush's monitoring U.S. citizen's e-mail that originates in, or is sent to, other countries, that all my e-mail has always been routed through British Telecom, London, U.K.
Therefore, take care not to use words like timing device, explosives, laundering, one-way ticket, safe house, concealed, or any anti-government policy comments, regardless the context. Any and all discourse is subject to "internal inspection." 
Other than that, nice to chat with you.
David F. Powell
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