[EDLING:1230] Second IAFL European Conference on Forensic Linguistics/Barcelona 14-16 September, 2006

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Second Call for papers:
The Second IAFL European Conference on Foresinc Linguistics/Language and the Law has extended its call for papers deadline to February 16, 2006.
Second IAFL European Conference on
Forensic Linguistics / Language and the Law
14 - 16 September, 2006
IntroductionCall for papersAbstract submission Registration (soon)Travel information (soon)

Second Call for Papers
Call deadline: The call deadline has been extended to February 16, 2006
(1) INDIVIDUAL PAPERS are invited and they should deal with all aspects of forensic linguistics/language and law including, but not limited to the following:
Legal Languages
The history of legal languages 
The role of literacy in legal languages 
Technicality in legal languages 
Written legal genres (including warnings) 
Critical approaches to legal languages 
Language education for law professionals 
Legal Discourse
Courtroom language 
Police and prison language 
The role of narrative in legal discourse 
Structures/macrogenres of court proceedings across systems 
Bilingual courtrooms 
Power and common law examination 
Language addressed to the judge and jury in common law courtrooms 
The readability/comprehensibility of legal documents 
The analysis/interpretation of legal texts/statutes 
The comprehensibility of the police caution issued to suspects 
Interviews with children in the legal system 
The communicative challenges of 'vulnerable' witnesses 
Language minorities and the legal system
Language testing of asylum seekers 
Language and disadvantage before the law 
Courtroom interpreting and translating 
Law on language
Language rights 
The right to silence 
Offensive language/Group vilification 
Forensic linguistic expertise
Voice profiling and identification 
Linguistic determination of nationality 
Computerized writer profiling 
Deception and fraud 
Presentation slots will be 30 minutes long, including questions.
Abstracts should be 250-300 words long and should be submitted using the Electronic Submission Form
 New!!! (2) COLLOQUIA, scheduled for 2-hour blocks, with a maximum of two linked sessions. Organizers may organize as they choose, but time should be allocated for presentations, discussion and audience response. Organizers serve as the liaison between participants and the conference organizers. Proposals will also be reviewed by the scientific committee.
Proposals should be 250-300 words long, with an indication of participants and a brief description of their contribution. They should be submitted by email to: teresa.turell at upf.edu

Scientific committee:
Enrique Alcaráz 
Janet Cotterill 
Malcolm Coulthard 
Diana Eades 
Elena Ferran 
John Gibbons 
Krzysztof Kredens 
Peter Patrick 
Frances Rock 
Peter Tiersma 
M. Teresa Turell 
Keynote plenary speakers: 
Enrique Alcaráz 
Ron Butters 
Janet Cotterill 
Malcolm Coulthard 
Philip Harrison 
Larry Solan 


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