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> Subject: SEALTEACH SEAlang Library
> Dear Colleagues:
> It gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of the SEAlang Library at
> http://library.sealang.net
>    Over the next four years, SEAlang will make dictionary and corpus data
> and tools available for Thai, Burmese, Lao, Khmer, Mon, Shan, and Karen (all
> complex-script alphabets) and Vietnamese.
>    SEAlang's first resources target Thai.  Initial work is on-line now, and
> development of Thai materials (and the underlying software infrastructure
> for all languages) continues through the summer.
>    Primary funding for SEAlang comes from the US Department of Education
> TICFIA program (UW-Madison Prof. Robert Bickner, PI).  CRCL provides
> matching funds and is responsible for implementation.
>    I hope that SEAlang Library resources will help enable a wide variety of
> projects, some of these can be previewed at http://sealang.net The SEAcat
> project ( http://seacat.sealang.net ) which uses SEAlang Library resources
> to implement tools to assist SEA library cataloging and worldwide book
> search, may be of special interest.
>    Many thanks to those who helped make this proposal a reality, with
> particular appreciation to Chris Court, and to the late Gwyn Williams.
>    Please send comments, suggestions, and reports of any glitches in the
> SEAlang Library website to doug at th.net .
>    Doug Cooper

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