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Dear Colleagues:

Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education announces its eighth issue –  
Teachers (Volume 4, Issue 1).  Check it out at www.urbanedjournal.org

We hope that you'll look at this issue, pass on the information to  
your colleagues and students and consider submitting articles to our  
future issues described below.

In this issue of Perspectives on Urban Education, we explore many  
facets of the topic of new teachers, with a particular focus on urban
environments.  The feature articles include “Changing the Subject:   
Critical Communities in English and English Education Classrooms” by   
Bieler; “Varied Backgrounds, Similar Challenges:  Characteristics of the
2004-05 Cohort of New Teachers in Philadelphia” by Sarah C. Costelloe;
“Teachers Teaching Teachers” by Linda Christensen; and “Advice to New  
from Teachers Who’ve Been There” by the Editors of Rethinking Schools  
 Two Commentaries describe using structured questioning to guide novice
teachers and an urban education project in Australia.  Articles in  
The Notes From the Field section describe working toward a clearer  
picture of new teachers’ professional knowledge, and an alternate  
route teacher education program in Milwaukee, WI.   In addition, you  
can enjoy book reviews of recently-released texts related to new  
teachers, and links to print and
multimedia resources on the topic.

Call for Papers:

Our next issue (Volume 4, Issue 2) will address the topic of  
“Troubled Times:
Education in a Time of War and Disaster.”  Submissions were due May  
1, 2006.

We are now looking for submissions for Volume 5, Issue 1, entitled:   
for Social Justice.”  For more information, see
www.urbanedjournal.org/callforpapers.html.  The submission deadline is
September 30, 2006.

All the best,

Kathy Schultz
Associate Professor of Education
Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania
3700 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6216

Director, Center for Collaborative Research and Practice in Teacher  
Director, Philadelphia Writing Project

office: (215)573-2990
fax: (215)898-4399
kathys at gse.upenn.edu


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