[EDLING:1579] The curse of the English language

Francis M. Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Tue May 16 03:00:25 UTC 2006

New Zimbabwe 

The curse of the English language


GROWING up, I am sure we all had dreams and aspirations.

But life is replete with cases of dreams that failed to kick off, or simply 
turned into nightmares.

Ask a primary school classroom today about what they want to be when they grow 
up. They will all mention superior jobs and rarely or never anything about 

Like everyone else, I had dreams to be a doctor or a pilot -- but never a 

On reflection, it would appear to me that our education system in Zimbabwe 
does not allow students to think beyond the classroom. Students with average 
intelligence are forced to dream the dreams of brainy students -- despite the 
obvious hollowness of such dreams.


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