[EDLING:1625] Re: Universities accused of killing African languages

Dbalosh at AOL.COM Dbalosh at AOL.COM
Wed May 24 18:45:23 UTC 2006

What is your thought on this article: Universities accused of killing  Africn 
Who do you think should be accused of killing African languages;  
universities or African language policy leadership?
I believe that African governments have to take initiatives in terms of  
promoting African mother tongues by allocating enough funding in this erea and  
enhencing African young generation positive attitude toward using and doing  
research in these languages. I can't remember which African nation has its  
constitution translated in its national languages. 
If languages, in our era of economic revolution, are learned as social  
capital; African governments need to invest into African mother tongues by  
exposing their new generation to instrumental motivation. Foreign languages  dominate 
over African languages because of thei social capital that they provide  to 
those who use them. African language leadership and governments have to  invest 
money and instrimental motivation into African languages.  Universities will 
be ready to buy African languages once this proposal is  executed.
David Balosa 
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