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I'm forwarding some info from Margaret van Naerssen about AAAL's involvement in

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 Subject: ImmCLD "National" Language Issue in US Senate update, fyi

Just to update you on events--regarding the language issue in the Immigration
Reform legislation before the US Senate--and prospective legislation pending in
Below is a letter from the president of AAAL, American Association of Applied
Linguistics, to the members that is informative, that suggests actions, and
useful links. 
Note that a vote on the overall immigration reform bill might take place today,
May 25 or tomorrow May 26.
I've also provided two attachments:
1. The draft of a possible letter for immediate posting to your Senators, to be
modified as you wish, for your position, and for any other ideas you want to
add.  The draft is provided for your convenience by AAAL.
2. Summaries of votes on the Inhofe and Salazar amendments.  . A summary of each
of the amendments is provided. The Salazar amendment is less strong.  If you are
interested in supporting one of the amendments, you could say so in your
modified letter.  
I did not provide the long list of who voted how, but I've summarized them for
Pennsylvania Senators
                                   Santorum               Specter
Inhofe Amendment           Yea                        Yea
Salazar                           Nay                        Yea
For your information only
Dr. Margaret van Naerssen
Coordinator, Cultural & Linguistic Diversity Program
College of Graduate Studies
Immaculata University
mvannaerssen at immaculata.edu
Dear AAAL Colleague:

The AAAL Executive Committee is deeply concerned about the recent attempts in 
Congress to add amendments to the immigration bill specifying the status of English 
and restricting the provision of services in languages other than English.  The 
attached letter has been composed to offer you a template for contacting your 
own senators and congressmen about these efforts.  If you are concerned, we
you to send this letter, a version of this letter, or your own letter, to your 
representatives.  However, you need to act immediately.  The Senate will vote 
by Friday, May 26, and possibly even today, May 25.  The final immigration bill 
still needs to be worked out with the House of Representatives after the Senate 
votes, but this process may happen quickly and we urge you to respond quickly 
as well.  We recommend using e-mail or fax. To find your congressional delegation 
and their contact information, go to http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/ 
or http://www.congressmerge.com/onlinedb/index.htm.

Official government directories are available at http://www.house.gov/writerep/ 
and http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

To see how your senator voted for the two versions of the language amendments, 
you may follow these links.

Senator Inhofe's Amendment - S.Amdt. 4064:

Senator Salazar's Amendment - S.Amdt. 4073:


Richard F Young

AAAL President

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