[EDLING:82] US: Hispanic Business Council launches Language Matters Project

Francis M. Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Fri May 4 03:10:07 UTC 2007

Shreveport Times

Hispanic Business Council launches Language Matters Project

When local businesses needed help communicating with Spanish-speaking employees 
they'd sometimes call the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce's Hispanic 
Business Council looking for assistance.

Now the council has something to offer.

The council is partnering with the Learning Guide LLC, a new education and 
consulting company run by Vincent Perez, to bridge the gap between English and 
Spanish speakers in response to the growing demand for Spanish language 
services in the area.

The Language Matters Project was launched Tuesday evening during the council's 
meeting and Pre-Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Kon Tiki Restaurant in Shreveport. 
About 20 people attended.

Whether it's helping car dealership employees learn Spanish phrases to help 
with sales or educating medical staff and patients on health-related phrases, 
the project aims to "create a safe space to practice language skills, build 
relationships and connect communities," according to the Learning Guide. But 
unlike some other similar programs, Spanish and English speakers will be in the 
same room learning to communicate better together, organizers said.

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