[EDLING:119] Teaching a Second Language for Business Communication

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Tue May 15 19:24:14 UTC 2007


CIBER Summer Institute for Teaching a Second Language for Business Communication

June 25-29, 2007

Register by June 1, 2007.

The Summer Institute for Teaching a Second Language for Business Communication is 
designed primarily for secondary and post-secondary language educators. This program 
includes an overview of basic business, combined with discussion of current issues in 
language-teaching methodology and curriculum design. 

Participants work on group projects in which they design curriculum modules that apply 
the concepts addressed during the program. After the institute, participants receive a 
compilation of all the projects to enable them to adapt and use the modules in their 
own classroom situations. 

Participants who are Pennyslvania public school teachers are eligible to receive 
continuing-education credit under Pennsylvania's Act 48 (a law mandating 
continuing-education hours for K-12 state-certified public school educators). The 
Summer Institute is cosponsored by the Temple University, University of North Carolina 
the University of Pittsburgh CIBERs and is held annually in June.

In this unique two-part program, participants are given a basic overview of business 
fundamentals and then learn how to integrate the business content to develop lesson 
plans in teaching language for business communication.

Business Fundamentals consists of interactive lectures and exercises that illustrate 
the major components of business -- from measuring risk to negotiating a contract. 
These sessions are taught by Carlos J. Menendez, EMEA Regional Cards Director. Carlos 
is an ’06 graduate of the Lauder Institute, earning both an MBA from Wharton and an MA 
in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Arts & 

Business Communication provides a dynamic environment in which second-language teachers 
work together to create innovative lesson plans for teaching business communication 
using task-based instruction. The sessions are taught by Dr. Cheri Micheau, Adjunct 
Professor, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (GSE).    

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