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Wed Oct 3 17:43:52 UTC 2007

Dear Margaret,

So nice to hear from you!  Yes, this is my first year here at Adelphi, which is
in Long Island, about 30 min. from Manhattan.  I was at Temple and my position
was mainly administrative and grant-funded - I was overseeing a national
service-learning program which linked college students to tutor adult immigrants
and refugees.  I was also doing some adjunct teaching at Temple (and working
with Aneta, who is a wonderful mentor!).  But I had been looking toward a
tenure-track position for a couple of years and I think the position here at
Adelphi will be great.  I'm teaching a 3/3 load in a Bilingual/TESOL program. 
Many of the students will be teaching immigrant students in Long Island or the
NYC area.  I teach two classes per semester in LI and one at the Adelphi's
Manhattan campus.  

I remember well your powerpoint presentation on forensic linguistics (you sexy
sociolinguist, you!), as you presented when I was at Temple.  I'd love to take
another look at it and think about how it fits into the course material (which
I'm still in the midst of framing!)  If you were able to come up at some point
and present, that would be fantastic!!! 

(Ah, the pottery! How sweet of you to remember!  Adelphi has a great Fine Arts
program and a wonderful ceramic studio. Can't wait until things calm down and I
can take a class.)

Again, so good to hear from you!  

All best,


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>>> "M van Naerssen" <mvnaerss at sas.upenn.edu> 09/28/07 1:22 PM >>>

I'm sure you'll get replies from others on specific intro texts. Here is 
what Kalala Kabongo-mianda is using in our grad intro to sociolinguistics 
course this fall at Immaculata.
I've already turned in my book order (for fall CLD 524) to the
bookstore. Here are the three required texts: (1) An Introduction to
Sociolinguistics (5th ed.) by Wardhaugh; (2) Sociolinguistics: an
Introduction to language and society by Trudgill; and (3) Working with
spoken Discourse by Cameron. Please pass this on to the student.

He's at CCP fulltime and grad'd from GSE at Penn--you may know him.  While I 
have a number of sociolinguistics books, haven't taught an intro course on 

For novelty purposes--if you wish, I could send you my Power Point slide 
show from my presentation --intro to forensic linguistics + the edited 
script (Word doc.) that I was invited to give at the Smithsonian Institute. 
With the high interest in things "forensic", this could be considered a 
"sexy" application of sociolinguistics.  Sometimes I combine I use discourse 
analysis/ conversation analysis and psycholinguistics (second language 
acquisition research and language proficiency assessment)

I could also give it in person--sometime if I'm up in Newark or in area of 
Chatham, NJ--don't know where Garden City is in relation to either of these 
places. I'm currently waiting to become an expert witness in a case in that 
area--waiting for initial documents (tapes/ transcripts and legal summary) 
to be sent. I'll be doing this with Roger Shuy (now in Montana)--he doesn't 
like to travel very much these days so I would testify on our joint report. 
Also since it has a non-native speaker aspect to it--he knows that's a niche 
I'm carving out. Might travel to Chatham area to do one part of the case and 
later (supposedly in early December) to testify in the US District Court in 
Newark.  I wouldn't count on the timing as with court dates is always 
problematic. Just a thought.

I've done expert consultation/ expert witness work in criminal cases in 
federal, state, fed'l gov't mediation, and US Navy cases involving murder, 
robbery, perjury, fraud, drug trafficking, rape, and in civil cases 
involving plain language/ clarity in contracts.

I could also send you a copy of a chapter I've had published recently in a 
law book, Cultural Issues Relation to Language Evidence.  The book is aimed at crim defense attnys--so 
it is quite introductory and includes, but also goes beyond 
sociolinguistics.  Also have a chapter on a similar topic, aimed at 
linguists, to appear in a book on evaluating language evidence in forensic 
contexts.(chapter is at the book editor--not yet gone to publisher's 
editor).  I also have a Power Point presentation on How Much Context is Too 
Much in Legal Cases--gave it at AAAL last spring in Costa Mesa.

Did you just move to Adelphi?  I seem to remember seeing your name on a 
Temple faculty list somewhat recently--or maybe it was my imagination.
Hope you are still doing some pottery--that always seemed to be so much a 
part of you.

Oh, Thought of you when I heard the news--you must be as glad as I am that 
finally #2 man in Pol Pot regime is finally going to trial--even though he 
is in his 80s.  Some justice, some closure, is needed, I'm sure for so many.

OK, enough chat.

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> Hello all,
> I'm writing to ask for some suggestions for a sociolinguistics text 
> appropriate
> for undergraduates.   The course  is for undergraduate students (mostly
> sophomore or junior) who are in a 5 year program in which they’ll get both 
> their
> B.A. and teaching certification.  Most of the students will not be 
> ESL/bilingual
> teachers, but the idea of the course is to expose them to issues and basic
> concepts of linguistic diversity, dialect variation, language and culture,
> linguistic change, etc.
> I'm looking for an enaging, accessibly written text which is a good 
> introduction
> to socioling. concepts for undergrads who are totally new to the field. 
> Also,
> if anyone is willing to share syllabi for similar courses, that would be 
> much
> appreciated.  (I checked linguist list for syllabi, but it wasn't very 
> helpful
> as many of the links are not working.)
> I'd be happy to compile suggestions received and share with others who 
> might be
> interested.
> All best,
> Daryl Gordon
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