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                                CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT

 First Call for Papers 


The Fourth Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies (IVACS) group International Conference on

Applying Corpus Linguistics


University of Limerick, Ireland

13th and 14th June 2008


Confirmed Keynote Speakers Include:

Svenja Adolphs

Luke Prodromou

Randi Reppen


The aim of the conference is to continue the success of the previous three IVACS conferences held at the Universities of Limerick, Belfast and Nottingham in 2002, 2004 and 2006, by exploring ways in which corpus linguistics has been applied to other areas of research and pedagogy. We invite papers that explore how this process has brought new methodological challenges and benefits, as well as papers that report on applied corpus research in any of the following areas:


*	Corpus Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (data-driven learning; learner corpora; testing; teacher education; non-native speakers of English/English as an International Language (EIL)/English as a Lingua Franca (ELF); 
*	Corpus Linguistics and Analysing Discourse (using CL in conjunction with other methodologies, e.g. Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis); using CL to look at language in specific contexts, e.g. Media Discourse, Classroom Discourse, Workplace Discourse, Academic Discourse) 
*	Corpus Linguistics and Literature (including CL and Stylistics; CL and Translation Studies) 
*	Corpus Linguistics  and Forensic Linguistics 
*	Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics 
*	Corpus Linguistics and Speech Technology  
*	Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics 


Papers focusing on languages other than English, and non-native varieties of English are particularly welcome.


Abstract Submissions:

Please send your abstract of no more than 200 words as a word attachment to:

ivacs08 at 



The deadline for receipt of abstracts is December 14th, 2007


Presentation Guidelines:

Papers will be allotted 20 minutes, plus ten minutes for discussion


Abstract checklist:

*        Title in bold on all copies

*        Name, affiliation, address, tel. and e-mail address on separate first page of the electronic copy

*        Text: 200 words maximum

*        Format: Single spaced, Times New Roman 12, justified.


Further information about the conference will be posted in due course to the following web-site: 


Further information about the IVACS Research Group is available at <> 




Elaine Riordan.




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