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Call for Papers


The 25th Conference of English Teaching and Learning in R.O.C.
 2008 International Conference on English Instruction and Assessment 

Change from Within, Change in Between


International Conference Hall, Auditorium
National Chung Cheng University 
May 3-4, 2008


Deadline for abstract submissions: Dec. 15, 2007


Background and Purpose
English fever is prevailing around the globe. Mastery of the language has become a crucial step in enhancing international competitiveness and socio-economic status. Although there are numerous web sources for self-access learning, classroom instruction and assessment still remain significant in facilitating learning process and improving learning performance.  


Since late 1970's, theories of communicative language teaching, constructive learning, socio-cultural interaction, and formative/performance assessment have made a great impact on discussions of language teaching, and provide guidelines for teachers to change their practices and integrate different interaction modes into the classrooms. With the help of computer technology, classrooms are even expanded beyond four walls and into cyberspace. While we are facing assorted language learning theories and educational policies, we should take a new look at the role and function of classroom instruction and assessment, examine whether theories can inform and inspire our classroom practice, and scrutinize whether our practice help us understand what learning and teaching is. Only by changing from within can we make a difference in teaching and learning.


This is a joint conference of two academic meetings-- the 25th annual conference of English teaching and learning in Taiwan and the 3rd bi-annual international conference on English instruction and assessment. It aims to provide a brand new forum to discuss classroom instruction and assessment by integrating the community of Taiwanese English teacher researchers with communities elsewhere. 


This conference will focus on all that is inside the classroom. Its theme is "change from within and change in between," which intends to alert potential participants to the fact that teaching and learning effect starts from the change of beliefs and practice. It is hoped that in the conference, our sharing observations and dialectic conversations can instill new energy into the classroom and bring out more efforts to enact change.


Call for Papers and Workshops
Abstracts are invited for 30-minute paper presentations (including 10 minutes for questions and comments) and 60-minute workshops (including 15 minutes for questions and comments). Topics should be related to the following:


  classroom interaction (teacher-student, group, dyad) 

  classroom assessment (formative assessment, alternative assessment, peer assessment,   

  and self assessment) 

  computer-mediated communication (cross-cultural communication, discourse and genre, 

  visual and audio media) 

  teaching and learning strategies (English listening, speaking, reading, and writing) 

   material and course design (multi-media, course design) 

  any topic of English teaching 



Criteria for Selection 
All abstracts will be subject to a process of double blind review by EFL scholars selected by the Conference Organizing Committee. Acceptance will be based on relevance to the conference topics and quality of research as well as originality of approach. The committee reserves the right to turn down presentation proposals without stating reasons. 


Abstract Submission 
Please submit the abstract to the conference website: <> 

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