India: You can now learn French, German in Tamil

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Thu Apr 9 13:00:51 UTC 2009

The Times of India


You can now learn French, German in Tamil


Tamil speakers who are not fluent in English will now be able to learn foreign languages as Loyola College is all set to start courses in French and German, using Tamil as the medium of instruction.


"The idea occurred to us when a student asked whether it would be possible to teach him French using Tamil instead of English. A working knowledge of French, he felt, could help him get a job," said Francis M Peter, director, Research Academy of Cumulative Excellence (RACE), a division of Loyola College that equips individuals with different levels of language proficiency to help them better career prospects. Speaking to journalists here on Wednesday, he said that the concept of using the mother tongue for foreign language instruction had already been tested in the college classrooms.


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