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Blended Learning in Action

ODNI Language Training Conference

16 - 17 June 2009


Announcement and Call for Presentations

Call for Participation

The Foreign Language Program Office (FLPO) of the ODNI invites your
participation in a 2-day follow-up conference on blended language
learning and training in the Government, featuring presentations,
plenary sessions and workshops on both days.

Conference Dates                           

Day 1 - Tuesday 16 June 2009, 9:00 - 4:00

Day 2 - Wednesday 17 June 2009, 9:00 - 4:00

Security Level of Conference         



The MITRE Corporation

MITRE 1 Auditorium

Conference Center (South Entrance of MITRE 1)

7515 Colshire Drive, McLean VA 22102

Map and directions will be available upon registration.


At the Blended Learning on the Cheap Conference in February 2008, we
introduced, discussed, and viewed many tools and techniques of blended
learning, the creative and innovative combination of face-to-face
classroom instruction with computer-mediated instruction. 

A year and a half later, it's now time to review our experiences, best
practices, and lessons learned.  This year's conference, Blended
Learning in Action, will build on the themes and approaches presented
last year, but will also introduce new and innovative tools and
resources, and provide hands-on training for a number of them.

Hands-On Workshops

All conference participants are invited to engage in hands-on sessions
featuring selected resources which have a direct and practical
connection to classroom instruction.  Participants will be assigned to
small groups that will rotate between the sessions and thus have an
opportunity to participate in all of them. 


Presentations and tutorials will be posted on Government sites such as
Intellipedia and the Joint Language University (JLU).  A six-month
follow-up survey will track the impact of the Conference on classroom


This conference is open to all Government representatives (employees and
contractors), and is specifically targeted to language instructors and
managers.  Classroom instructors under contract with the Government may
attend.  It is not open to vendors of language software. 

Conference Registration

Registration will be available online soon.  A further announcement will
be made identifying the URL.

Conference Fee 

$10 per day to cover conference expenses.  Please note that lunch is not
included in this fee, but the MITRE 1 Cafeteria will be available to
conference attendees.

Call for Presentations

The deadline for applying is COB Monday 4 May 2009.  See below for
details.  Proposed presentations will be screened based on the following
criteria.  If yours is accepted, you will be notified by 15 May.

Criteria for Selection:  Because this is a follow-up conference,
presentations should give special attention to how resources presented
at last year's conference have been adapted, re-purposed or re-used. We
are also looking for innovative ideas using blended learning.  For
example, mobile learning (e.g., iPods and cell phones) and online
collaborative learning (e.g., Google Groups) are expanding exponentially
in the outside world, but remain relatively unexplored in our community.
Presentations should focus on direct and transparent applications for

Selected Resources/Topics from Last Year's Blended Learning Conference

Mobile learning (e.g., iPods, cell phones)

Smartboard v.10


Collaborative learning (e.g., Google Groups)



Additional Suggested Topics

Interactive online dictionaries (e.g., Word Champ)


Transparent Language (CL-150)

New topics will also be considered.                

Format for Application

Government representatives interested in presenting should provide the
following information:

Presentation Title:  Example - Copyright Considerations and Resources
for Curriculum Development

Presentation Description:  Example - In this presentation, participants
will learn how the Foreign Service Institute/School of Language Studies
requests permission to use copyrighted materials for curriculum
development.  Participants will be provided samples of copyright policy,
permission requests and online resources for materials licensed under
Creative Commons.

Names of Resources You Will Need and Use:  Example - Microsoft Word,
Internet Explorer to access
<blocked>  and
<blocked>  websites

Builds on Last Year's Presentations: Yes/No

Deadline for Application to Present

Send your application by COB Monday 4 May 2009 to:

Meta Thomas (MITRE)

mthomas at


Technical POC

Dr. Richard Lutz (MITRE)

rlutz at


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