"Chinese Language fans" on the increase in Canada

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"Chinese Language fans" on the increase in Canada


Victoria Mancuso is one of the 12 winners of the recently concluded first "Chinese Language Competition" for high school students in Ontario, Canada. This competition was jointly organized by the Chinese Education Society of Canada and the Chinese National Language International Promotion Council Office. The winner will have the chance to go to ChongQing and participate in "the Chinese Language Competition for High school students around the World" in October this year.

Canadian born Chinese are sometimes referred to as "bananas", which means they are "yellow on the outside but white on the inside". There skin may be yellow but when it comes to culture and language they have adapted - "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." Inspired by this Victoria, a Year 10 Italian student at Toronto Harvadrgel College calls herself an "egg". She said that she is "white on the outside but yellow on the inside", which vividly described her great passion for learning Chinese language and culture.


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